8 Christmas Gifts for the Gin Lover

8 Christmas Gifts for the Gin Lover

This is the only gift list a Sip & Share Gin Lover needs!

We’ve reached out far and wide to our community to find the most unique gifts for the gin-enthusiast. Since it goes without say that a bottle of gin is an excellent gift, we’ve found the less obvious choices that will still put a smile on the gin lovers face.

That said, if you are looking for a winning bottle of craft gin, but you’re overwhelmed by choice (so easy done) then head over to the Sip & Share Facebook for gin reviews and tastings or sign up for our gin offers and become a member for upto 30% off British craft gins.

Christmas just got better! Here are eight gifts for the gin lover.

Gin school

The Gin School is the perfect gift for the ‘trips not gifts’ kind of person. With a gin school voucher you’ll be making memories (as long as you don’t drink too much!), while tasting delicious gins and botanicals, all while you make your own bottle of gin.

There are loads of gin schools out there, but if you’re looking for an exceptional experience - why not try a school with a wealth of rewards and accolades under its belt.

For a premium experience, it would have to be Leed’s Gin School.

Leed’s Gin School boasts 5* reviews on Trip Advisor and as soon as you step a foot through the door, you’ll see why. Simon, the host, and his team are incredibly attentive; nothing is too much trouble. Simon clearly has a vast knowledge of gin - from its history to gin botanicals. He will expertly guide you on how to make your own gin, which you’ll take home by the 70cl bottle - and you’ll be able to order again online in the future!


Read the full Leeds Gin School review.


 A Year’s Sip & Share Membership


What could be better than an entire year of discounted gin? Buy a Sip & Share membership for a friend and share the fun.

A membership is ideal for the gin-connoisseur - someone who loves trying gins and supporting British distillers all year round.

We’re dedicated to finding every single craft distillery in the U.K. no matter how small.

Trust us, even the most experimental gin-drinker will find a gin they’ve never tried over here!

Save 17% on a membership if you sign up before Christmas!

Oh and I should mention that Sip & Share is a community of gin-lovers. Whilst the membership entitles you to gintastic discounts, we’re so much more than that! We meet up virtually to taste gins together. Sip & Share host, Kate Carney also reviews gins live on Facebook! So come along, raise a glass and join the Sip & Share community.


And last but not least, we’ve compiled all distilleries - big and small into one place, so you can find a craft gin close to home. See the gin map.

Gin baubles

Deck the tree with balls of gin - fa la la la la la la la laaaaa!

Give someone their first experience of gin baubles this year and watch their face light up - just like mine did!

Gin baubles make the perfect pre-Christmas gift, a surprise to hang on the tree, or an addition to your Christmas eve treats.

They’re brilliant fun and so exciting - as you can see by my reaction to them!

You can choose the spirit to fill your bauble with - your favourite gin, a spiced rum, or honey and fig vodka liquor.


Good luck making these last until Christmas Day! This year we’ve got a 10% discount for our members! Thank you Hogmooor Distillery!


I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to tell you that a glass straw is better for the environment, right?

Glass straws


The glass straw is a must-have now plastic straws are out of the picture (and thank goodness for that!). Whilst the glass straw has its environmental impacts, as it won’t be heading out to landfill or cluttering up our oceans - there are other benefits - and some that will be particularly appealing to gin lovers.

A glass straw improves the gin-drinking experience. For one the glass straw looks beautiful standing up in the Ship & Share Copa balloon glass. Straw sit at the bottom of the glass, meaning you can enjoy an ice cold gin without sipping through ice cubes.


On a practical level, sipping an ice cold gin through a straw helps with tooth sensitivity and it reduces exposure to toxic chemicals!

It’s a win-win!

Buy now with a special 35% off a duo-set for members taking them down to £6.19 inc postage.

Tasting sets


Are you buying for a gin-lover who wants to spread their gin-wings and try something new? Maybe it’s time to mix it up and taste a variety of botanicals, or maybe a change of mixer is on the cards - same gin, new tonic?

However your gin-lover wants to spice up their evening tipple, the tasting set is a great way to do it! Your gin-lover will think of you each time they pour a drink.

It’s the type of thing we all want to treat ourselves to, but never actually get around to buying - that’s what makes it such a great gift.

Our recommendation this year is the No. 186 Gin Tasting Kit. You can save 25% buying as a Sip & Share member through November and December, or you can head to their Facebook.


 Personalised Sip & Share Cowl Neck Hoodies


Can you match your gin lover to a characteristic of gin? If you can, then we’ve got the hoodie for you!

Some favourite gin-characteristics amongst our Ginbassadors include: ‘Bright & Zesty’, ‘Fun and Fruity’ or ‘Classic but Spicy’.

Or you can opt for a drop of brilliant gin fuelled, “reality of life” phrase like Ginbassador Paula did with: ‘Bra off. Hair up. Gin poured.’ Yep, we all know that feeling!

Finally there’s our Slogan hoodie - ‘together we are GINVINCIBLE’.

Whatever you have printed on the hoodie you can guarantee your giftee will be satisfied with the super-soft, easy to wash material. These hoodies are my absolute favourite - they’re so comfy - it’s like receiving a hug each time you put it on. The Sip & Share hoodie soon warms up a cold winter’s evening.

Cowl neck personalised hoodies are £45 + P&P for members and £49 + P&P for non-members. 


 Personalised Sip & Share glasses


We all know that gin tastes better out of a proper glass - the Sip & Share Copa balloon glass will enhance your gin drinking experience.


A Gin lover will appreciate the way this glass collects all those beautiful botanicals. The glass is wide enough to fit an array of ice, fruitanicals and garnishes, so your gin experience will be better than ever.


To add to the gifting experience, you can personalise your glass! We love the Sip & Share original with ‘The Gin Squad’, but go ahead and add what you like!


In the New Year we’ll get together, pull up a chair, and raise our glasses together - even if it is on Zoom!


Oh, and if that’s not enough to tempt you - £2 from every sale goes to "Little Hearts" charity - we are working in partnership with "Class on Glass" to make these beautiful glasses happen.

 Fruitanicals Garnishes

Fruitanicals are gorgeous to look at and better to drop into an ice cold glass of gin! Exclusive to Sip & Share, you can’t deny that there’s something festive about dried citrus fruits, but dehydrated oranges are wasted on the Christmas wreath.

Fruitanicals garnishes come in beautiful pouches and a gift box and are available in a range of flavours and make a stunning gift. Your gin-lover can pop these beautiful botanical garnishes into his or her gin of choice.

Take your gin-tipple to a new level!


Wishing you all a very merry festive season and happy sipping!  



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