Forged in Wakefield Sherbet Lemon - House Review

Forged in Wakefield Sherbet Lemon - House Review

Forged in Wakefield Sherbet Lemon

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The Sip 

All Forged in Wakefield gins are made with a pure grain and with a one-shot method, the botanicals  include grains of paradise, cardamom pods and cassia bark. This blend is used as a base to all their flavoured gins. Sherbet Lemon Gin reminds me of the sherbet lemons sweets you had as a child, the fizz and fresh lemon zing in your mouth.

Or as Kate said in her 2020 review "it's like sherbet lemons have had sherbet lemon babies and they've exploded in your mouth"

The Serve

It’s perfect with a plain tonic, but try not to put too much in. I used a slimline Lixir, lots of ice and the Fruitanicals lemon dried fruit. 

A little about the makers

Victoria and Gary dreamt of abandoning their dreary day jobs to create the perfect Yorkshire tipple, after years of hard work dedication and passion they still have those dreary jobs, but they have created a range of fabulous Organic and Vegan certified Gins with unique flavours.

By Helen Dummett.

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