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Why We Love Local Craft Gin and Buying Local

Is there anything more satisfying than relaxing on the sofa after a long day and pouring a lively, bubbly bottle of the finest tonic over a local gin? We don’t think so! There are a million and one reasons to support local businesses and local craft gin is no exception. When you buy local gin you buy more than a drink. One sale makes someone else’s day, and the best bit is that local craft Gin comes with a story. A story so inspiring that we spend our evenings with gin distillers hearing about what they do, how they started, and what makes them special.

The stories behind our local British distilleries are what excites us Ginbassadors, and in this blog, we’re going to share a little bit of the magic that comes with supporting local.

The magic behind local craft gin

Since Sip & Share started we’ve interviewed several craft gin distillers and there’s one thing that always resonates with us and that’s the passion and care that goes into every drop!

Stockport gin, for example, are a couple who distill gin from their garage at home. They hand-craft, hand-bottle, hand-label, and deliver each bottle! They’re passionate about gin. They feel accomplished when they covert a non-gin-lover and the happy customers make the hard work worth it. And it does sound like hard work, doesn’t it?

The importance of buying local

Let’s set the scene a moment; buying local has got a vibe that just doesn’t exist in a supermarket. There's the hustle and bustle of the people around and the noise of the surroundings. There's wicker baskets full of fresh fruit and veg, and the smell of the locally produced fresh food. The gin stall alone has got more character than an entire superstore, and better, buying local benefits the community by the barrel load! 

It’s better for the planet

Conscientious brands like Hogmoor care! Hogmoor use water from their local Downs and there’s no single-use plastic at the distillery. If that isn’t worth supporting, then we don’t know what is!

You meet the person behind the magic

Behind every small business is a human (sometimes a few) who made the magic happen! We interviewed Ben Maguire at HMS Spirits and his journey to gin distillery is pretty unique. Ben was passionate about gin and he wanted to create his favourite tipple with a modern twist. He visited Hungary and came back with a 35-lite copper still, which he installed in his garage. And just like that the business was born; he started his own distillery. In 2016 he created the gin that hit the spot with friends and family and he hasn’t looked back. He created a brand inspired by his family’s naval background.


You become part of a community

Lovers of locally sourced, handmade or homemade products become part of a community. If you’re shopping at your local market you connect with the same people, you support them and they appreciate you.

Daisy Distillery, part of the Sip & Share community gave back to the Ginbassadors with a super exclusive and exciting tasting kit, packed up in a goodie bag ready for our virtual launch. Did you get your hands on one?

Local craft gin brings you into the story

When passion meets business you get a story quite like no other. So many small businesses and locally made produce is inspired, made by hand, bottled and labelled by hand then delivered or popped in the post by hand. If you’re lucky you’ll even get a bottle of tasty gin with a hand written note. 

That’s enough work for most of us, but the local gin distiller just keeps on giving. Take PitWheel who make their own gin then give their customers an opportunity to create their own stories and experiecnes in the shape of tasting sessions, ‘create your own’ gin or a PitWheel gin wagon for your event. 


Local craft gin saves money!

A Ginbassador will tell you exactly this, buying craft gin saves you money, particularly if you’re buying a gin that’s right on your doorstop. If it hasn’t travelled it hasn’t occurred extra costs and the quality is just perfect!

If you’re a Sip & Share Ginbassador then the savings are evermore! Our favourite distillers are passionate about what they do and they want to share it with like-minded people. So find something you haven’t tried, grab a Sip & Share discount and give it a go!

Cheers to that!

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