Loving Lytham Gin

Loving Lytham Gin

Lytham Gin

by Tina Tushingham

Within the first few moments of watching the live Distillers interview on Sip and Share, between Kate and Sara of Lytham gin, I knew this special range was going to be right up my gin lane!

With the amazing discount offer of 20% off for Sip and Share Members I opted for the 20cl bottles in the Original Dry, the Blooming Gorgeous, the Positively Purple and the nearly navy strength the Navigators plus a mini of the Bees Knees because I had to try them all.

In my humble opinion all of them are perfectly balanced juniper led gins with their own unique flavours from the botanicals use.  The Original, Blooming Gorgeous and Positively Purple did not disappoint making a great g and t. (I’m a bit of a purist and mostly use a light tonic and ice to let the gin shine through). The hint of sweetness of the Bees Knees Old Tom makes it delicious over ice, I won’t be mixing this one with anything it is perfect on it’s own.  The same goes for the Navigators, this one will be my go to sipping gin.

I am looking forward to making a martini with all of them to see how their individual personalities shine and how beautiful the Blooming Gorgeous and Positively Purple will look too!  

Oh but don’t be fooled by the stunning colours, they are gorgeous dry gin all the way!

And, before that discount code runs out I will be revisiting for a full bottle of Bees Knees and their rum which looks delicious.

Thank you to Sip and Share for introducing me to a distillery I might not otherwise have found.

Written by Tina Tushingham 

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