Neighbourhood Gin - House Review

Neighbourhood Gin - House Review

Neighbourhood Gin is a smooth, creamy gin with full flavour, delicious. Love Thy Neighbour(hood)... yes we do.


Neighbourhood Gin
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The Sip 

First thing I noticed was how smooth this gin is, apparently from the Hazelnut. But it's not a nutty taste, creamier more than anything. I can also taste the citrus and definitely Juniper. It’s absolutely what you would call a full flavour gin. I loved it, highly recommend it. 

The Serve

You can absolutely drink this gin neat with lots of ice. But as it’s only a Monday as suggested I added a plain tonic, lots of ice and cucumber. I quickly took out the cucumber however as was too much for me and wanted to taste more of the gin, but it did leave a lovely hint of cucumber. Oh and 100% a double. 

A little about the makers

Based on the outskirts of Manchester, Neighbourhood Gin was founded by Amy, Jack & Heather Howard. It all began with their passion for gin. They worked relentlessly to create a new gin with a distinctive taste. There are also candles and handmade chocolates with the same profile as the Gin.

By Helen Dummett
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