When Kate met Gary - Hollywood Ginge

When Kate met Gary - Hollywood Ginge

Meet Gary Hollywood – Creator of Hollywood Ginge

What do you get when you mix Gary Hollywood, our very own Kate, a bottle of Hollywood Ginge and IGTV?

Lots of laughs, much gin drinking and the promise of an epic Sip & Share party.

And we're delivering on that promise.

Join Gary and Kate on Friday 23rd April as they talk gin, cocktails and host quizzes and games.

Click here to get your ticket (It's FREE for members!)

Meet Gary

Gary Hollywood has been acting since he was 12. He's appeared in shows like Taggert and Take the High Road. But, it was his 20 years with Mrs Brown's Boys that made him a household name. So, why would an actor living in a Lanzarote with a new baby decide to produce a new gin?

A firm believer that everything happens for a reason, Gary had talked about creating a gin for years but actually started the process around two years ago. Working with Distillery Kitchen in Leicester, he began to experiment with different blends.

Then Covid hit, and the advice from the experts was to put it all on hold. But Gary wasn't ready to listen to that advice. He decided to just go for it, and Hollywood Ginge was released just in time for Christmas.

Try Hollywood Ginge

Gary knew he wanted ginger in his gin – a slight nod to the colour of his hair. You'll find subtle hints of ginger combined with carefully selected botanicals such a silver birch, dandelion and elderberries. It's a smooth gin with a rounded flavour. We think it's delicious and definitely easy to drink.

Finding the flavour wasn't hard. It was actually the branding and labelling that gave Gary sleepless nights. He knew what he wanted and wouldn't let anyone else change his mind. And he got what he wanted, even down to the paisley design on the black label that links back to his Scottish roots.

When's the party?

Friday 23rd April, coming live into your living room, Kate and Gary are pairing up to host a Sip & Share party.

You wouldn't guess it, but Gary and Kate haven't actually met in real-life yet. With international travel on hold, this is the compromise until our events can be face-to-face

Plans for the party started formulating during an epic IGTV the pair had in early March, which you can watch here.

Gary is a Proud Member of Sip & Share

Not only do we get to collaborate with the Hollywood brand and sell this fantastic gin, but we also get to say that Gary is a fully-fledged member of our club.

He is passionate about supporting other gin brands and distillers. Gary believes that there is room for everyone and can see that people are doing such different things with gin, so it's exciting to be part of a gin community

We completely agree.

It's what Sip & Share is all about. Yes, we sell spirits, but we want to build a community of like-minded people who want to try new spirits and support independent distillers. We are so pleased that Gary has recognised that in us and feels the same.

What's next for Gary Hollywood?

Excitingly, Gary revealed to Kate that there's both a new vodka and rum in the pipeline. Life in lockdown has undoubtedly inspired him to push on and follow his dreams.

He's also enjoying a slower-paced life in Lanzarote, spending time with his 1-year-old son Oliver and wife Cherylanne. He also has a Sunday show on Monster Radio with his 'radio wife’ AJ, where they play upbeat songs and just have a whole lot of fun.

I Want to Join The Party!

You need to be fast. There are only 50 places on the guestlist, and it's free to members. Head over to our shop to get 15% off Hollywood Ginge and receive a free ticket to the party on 23rd April.

For non-members, it's £5, and you can get your ticket here.


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