10% off The Herbal Gin Co. Spiced Gingerbread Gin

10% off The Herbal Gin Co. Spiced Gingerbread Gin

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10% off The Herbal Gin Co. Spiced Gingerbread Gin

40% ABV


What better way to complement autumnal and winter evenings than a gin infused with the familiar flavours of gingerbread, creating a feeling of warmth with a subtle background spice. Serve with lemonade for the perfect pairing.

The Perfect Serve 
Mixer Classic: Fever Tree Premium Lemonade 
Mixer Alternative: Indian Tonic Water 
Garnish: Star Anise or Candy Cane (season dependent)

The foundation of this gin is provided by our Spicy Flavours of the Orient gin with the gingerbread providing a truly 3D flavour rarely encountered on the palate, a strong yet subtle flavour that is complimented by the lemonade mixer.  The quinine of the alternative Indian Tonic water option promotes the delightful spiciness of the gin itself.

The Sip and Share price is calculated as follows:  we take the discount off the RRP and then add postage on.  This is because the distillers do not make any money, in fact they make a loss when it comes to postage.

Price includes delivery and will be fulfilled by the Distillery. For any issues with delivery or product please contact: https://www.theherbalgin.com

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