17% Off – Cantium Gin, Rubesco Pink Gin

17% Off – Cantium Gin, Rubesco Pink Gin

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17% Off – Cantium Gin, Rubesco Pink Gin


42% ABV

Our New Cantium Rubesco Pink Gin in a gorgeous Pink Flask.

This is based on our multi award winning Cantium Primo Craft Gin with the addition of Strawberry and Raspberry.

Following our Roman inspirations - Rubesco is Latin for Blush/Redden.

These wonderful flasks are complimented by our Cantium Calix. A thermo cup that keeps your ice frozen for longer!

Enjoy your Rubesco, wash your bottle. Say hello to your new flask!

We donate new and used  Cantium flasks and cups to our charity partner Warming Up The Homeless and encourage our customers to do the same. Have a look at the great work that they are doing. https://wuth.org  

 The Sip and Share price is calculated as follows:  we take 17% off the RRP and then add postage on.  This is because the distillers do not make any money, in fact they make a loss when it comes to postage.

Price includes delivery and will be fulfilled by the distillery.  For any issues with delivery or product please contact:  Cantium Gin  

About the Distiller

Cantium is the Roman name for Kent, where Cantium HQ is based and the logo is inspired by the design of a Roman mosaic tile found in Lullingstone Villa, just a few miles away.

Cantium contains locally sourced botanicals including Lavender, Cobnuts, Apples, Blackberry and Hops, as well as roasted Kentish Chestnuts, to give it a truly distinct flavour. Our bottle not only looks great, but also has a secondary use as a reusable flask, so once you’ve enjoyed your Cantium you can reuse it to keep drinks Hot or Cold for hours. The same thermos materials are used in our Cantium Cup which keeps the ice frozen for longer. Not that your tasty Cantium Gin drink will last that long but who likes to be rushed?

Later we will be introducing a bottle-recycling scheme where you can return them to us in exchange for a discount against your next purchase, and we will donate the cleaned flask to charities like ‘Warming up the Homeless’ www.wuth.org. We also encourage our customers to donate their bottles directly to a homeless charity of their choice or simply post it to WUTH

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