10% Off – Dr Eamers’ Emporium, Gin Drops

10% Off – Dr Eamers’ Emporium, Gin Drops

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10% Off – Dr Eamers’ Emporium, Gin Drops


69% ABV

Dr Eamers' Gin Drops 5cl 69%vol is a super concentrated high strength Gin, designed to be enjoyed as a Low ABV Alternative. Use it's graduated pipette to serve up just 2.5ml and mix with 150ml of your preferred mixer for the same flavour as a normal Single measure but at only 1%vol and 10kcals. It is also great to add a few drops into your favourite cocktail for that extra Ginny hit. Perfect for anyone who is drinking less alcohol or for people who are monitoring their calorie intake but still want to enjoy the proper G&T taste.

Contains 20 serves

Price includes delivery and will be fulfilled by the distillery.  For any issues with delivery or product please contact:  Dr Eamers' Emporium

About the Distiller

Dr Eamers’ range of award winning Gins are lovingly Handcrafted at our Distillery - The West Midlands Distillery.  Set in the heart of The West Midlands and Distilled by a family of Distillers, in small batches.

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