20% Off - 70cl Castle Hill Lady Grey Gin

20% Off -  70cl Castle Hill Lady Grey Gin

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20% Off -  70cl Castle Hill Lady Grey Gin 

Smooth and elegant Lady Grey botanicals give waves of light black tea and bergamot fragrance then disappear into a silky and abiding citrus finale.

The tea has been carefully chosen from the wonderful T&Cake tea rooms in Almondbury (the home of Castle Hill!)

Perfect Serve – Fill a chilled glass with plenty of ice, add a double measure of gin and a Fever-Tree clementine tonic, garnish with a slice of lemon and a twist of orange zest

About the Distiller

Born and bread in Yorkshire

With over 4000 years of history there’s plenty to discover about Castle Hill, this amazing landmark; set on the horizon of Huddersfield, and visible from our premises in the town centre, it has been a constant inspiration for the creation of our truly artisan craft gin.

"The year 2020 started with such promise and optimism before slowly decaying into insanity. I’m Tom, a 34 year old father of 1 (soon to be 2!) Huddersfield University graduate, ex large format print professional, current escape room owner and long time gin lover (any flavoursome alcohol lover come to think of it…)

Whilst the global disaster of Coronavirus meant that I had to close the doors to my other business, it also gave me the opportunity to resurrect a lifelong dream of starting a gin company. With no real experience in distilling, and only a vague opinion on exactly what I like in a gin, I started my journey in the summer of 2020 with the goal of having a finished product in my hands before Christmas. 

In the last few weeks of December everything started to fall into place as we finalised recipes, chose bottles, agreed on labels and started producing, all of which meant that I finally achieved my goal of having two gins that I’m immensely proud of in my hands before 2020 was up".... and now they have FOUR!

The Sip and Share price is calculated as follows:  we take the offer percentage off the RRP and then add postage on.  This is because the distillers do not make any money, in fact they make a loss when it comes to postage.

Price includes delivery and will be fulfilled by the Distillery. For any issues with delivery or product please contact: Castle Hill Gin

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