Fruitanicals Garnish - 2 'standard' pack (non-members)

Fruitanicals Garnish - 2 'standard' pack (non-members)
Fruitanicals Garnish - 2 'standard' pack (non-members)
Fruitanicals Garnish - 2 'standard' pack (non-members)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fruitanicals Garnish - 2 'standard' pack (non-members)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fruitanicals Garnish - 2 'standard' pack (non-members)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fruitanicals Garnish - 2 'standard' pack (non-members)

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Premium & innovative garnishes to pimp up your G&T which both look and taste great. 

2-pack of 'standard' garnishes - each between 4 and 7 servings per pack.


Choose from:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Grapefruit
Elevating your drinks to new levels in appearance and most importantly TASTE is our aim. The perfect partner for your G&T, cocktail or non-alcoholic favourite, our garnishes deliver the perfect finishing touch.

Our Products
Our Fruitanicals range starts with citrus favourites of lemon, lime, orange & grapefruit along with a more tropical twist of pineapple and mango. For those of you looking for that added x-factor, check out our signature special range of sherbet lemon, sherbet lime and cinnamon orange! Every piece is locally sourced and immediately sliced & dried traditionally at home to maximise taste, vibrancy and freshness....check the aroma burst when you break the seal!

Our Purpose
We are new local independent business and our purpose is to elevate the quality of the bar proposition drinks garnish as well as bringing the bar experience into our own, evolving drinking from home culture. What started as a little experiment turned in to an instant hit and Fruitanicals quickly followed. Our wish is to now share this with you!

Check out our Instagram page for ideas, inspiration and insight for what else is to come!

Do dehydrated garnishes really make a difference to your drink experience?

1. Dehydrated citrus holds aromatics more effectively
When you strip the water out of anything, it usually intensifies the remaining ingredients.
Garnishes are no different. Aroma and taste comes across as a more concentrated &
intensified experience. For the gin & cocktail purists, you can be rest assured that a customer won’t squeeze a wheel or wedge of lemon or lime into their cocktail, throwing out the balance you’ve worked so hard to create.

2. They look beautiful
Ever heard the expression ‘people drink with their eyes’? It’s true – the better your drinks look, the more you will enjoy them.
Again, using citrus as an example, the dehydration process darkens the fruit itself quite significantly. This can provide a dramatic, intriguing contrast against your drinks, allowing you to play with colour combinations created.

3. Practicality & waste reduction
That’s right, instead of cutting and peeling you get to reach, grab, and elegantly place on top.The use of fresh fruit as a drink garnish usually results in waste. It is rare that each individual piece is used and what is left is never quite big enough to juice, or to turn into another garnish.

Dehydrated garnishes are a way of providing a positive path of least resistance, whilst also eliminating waste. They are ready to go as soon as the alcohol and mixer are poured over ice and only require sealed storage to stay fresh for at least 3 months after first being opened.
Your information will be shared with Fruitanicals for fulfilment.

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