10% Off – 70cl Cove Vodka

10% Off – 70cl Cove Vodka
10% Off – 70cl Cove Vodka
Load image into Gallery viewer, 10% Off – 70cl Cove Vodka
Load image into Gallery viewer, 10% Off – 70cl Cove Vodka

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10% Off – 70cl Cove Vodka

Cove Vodka is perfect for anyone that loves vodka or likes to experiment with cocktail making at home. It comes in a stylish glass bottle with a wooden cork, meaning that you can easily reseal the bottle after use. It tastes great on its own, with your favourite mixer or in a cocktail.

They have been growing quality Devon potatoes in the Atlantic sea air for over 50 years ! After many discussions around the dinner table about the different ways you can cook and enjoy potatoes they decided to take things a step further and make potato vodka.

They found that using the finest Devon potatoes and Devon spring water combined with small batch traditional copper pot distillation creates a distinctly smooth and delicious vodka that captures the essence of our county. Who doesn’t love the sea and fresh home-grown food?

 The Sip..

Creamy and Rich….

A potato based spirit, this vodka is viscous, deliciously soft yet crisp and clean.

Fantastic over ice, but would also make a fabulous Martini!… 

How do you drink yours … Shaken or Stirred… Olive or twist?

Price includes delivery and will be fulfilled by the distillery.  For any issues with delivery or product please contact:  https://www.devoncove.co.uk/

About the Distiller

At Devon Cove we create exceptional vodka using King Edward potatoes, lovingly grown on our family farm overlooking Hope Cove. Our copper pot, single distilled vodka is handcrafted using the finest ingredients to ensure its smooth, luxurious taste.

Our very first batch of Cove Vodka was made from King Edward potatoes, grown in rich soil in fields overlooking Hope Cove, South Milton Sands and the renowned Burgh Island. The potatoes were harvested in September 2018 and Cove Vodka was born.

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