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10% Off, 70cl EeNoo Gin from Lost Loch Spirits

10% Off, 70cl EeNoo Gin from Lost Loch Spirits

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10% Off, 70cl EeNoo Gin

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Sweet summer berries, think raspberry ice cream. Very little spirit hit. It is light, refreshing and enticing.

The Palate

Smooth and refreshing. The raspberries are evident, as is the honey. It gives a real sweet edge to the gin but is balanced perfectly with the juniper and orange peel which come through quite quickly. It is a superb sipping gin. Clean, fresh and not spirituous at all. Add some tonic and fresh strawberries for a real summer explosion.

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About the Distiller

Lost Loch Spirits is owned and operated by Pete Dignan & Rich Pierce. The distillery plan was hatched as many great plans are, during a late-night drinking session.

Everything we do is all for the love of distilling, and the three things that are important at Lost Loch are the place, the process, and the spirits.

The Place – The Lost Loch Spirits distillery is in the heart of Royal Deeside, 30 miles west of Aberdeen.  The distillery is built on the banks of the now drained Loch Auchlossan or the Lost Loch.  The landscape and the history surrounding us seep into the storytelling, flavours, and the branding.  

The Process – To maintain the highest standards Lost Loch Spirits produces using a small batch mentality in an honest and transparent way.  We only use natural ingredients are used and where we can, we search for local produce.  We respect the environment, and the distillery takes a percentage of its heat and power from a solar array, biomass boiler, and a wind turbine.  We respect the legacy of distilling, whilst practicing modern techniques of production. 

The Spirits – We have a fresh, open, and innovative approach to spirits. Each product is small batch and thoughtfully created, drawing inspiration from local provenance and the histories of the land around us. The final products are quirky, invigorating, and imaginative, distinctly separate but part of the Lost Loch Spirits family.  Our ethos is to be inventive in our thinking, to look at history for inspiration and to produce enticing and unique spirits.

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