10% Off – Black Mountains Botanicals, Distiller’s Cut Gin

10% Off – Black Mountains Botanicals, Distiller’s Cut Gin

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10% Off – Black Mountains Botanicals, Distiller’s Cut Gin


48% ABV

Gold Winner At the London Spirits competition 2020

Our Master Distiller has been experimenting with flavours and the whole distillation process to make an incredibly silky smooth traditional London dry Gin . Our Great taste awards this year has proved that we have an excellent product range. This premium Gin was launched in the Autumn of 2019 and uses 12 botanicals and a slower distillation process to our other gins, giving a 48% Gin so smooth it can be sipped over ice, perfect for clean and dirty Martinis or for your classic Gin and Tonic.

Serve this with a plain garnish, we love dehydrated citrus fruit

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About the Distiller

Lloyd was a mechanical engineer before he became a gin-maker. He spent his life managing commercial heating systems and North Sea oil pipelines. Aged 40, he fancied moving into renewable energy, and went back to university to get a Masters Degree in Science.

Then one night he went to a New Year’s Eve party in a remote Herefordshire pub…

As 2011 became 2012 he met the then-new landlord, Glyn Bufton. They struck up a friendship. And eventually Lloyd moved to Herefordshire, with his wife and two children, and went into business with Glyn.

Lloyd designed and made the two small stills at Black Mountains Botanicals, and named them after his favourite mountains: Twmpa and Blorenge. Building the distillery was just like building an oil rig, only a touch easier.

He also runs a smallholding, with sheep, pigs, hens and bees, which is not easy to do on an oil rig.

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