10% off Herbal Gin with a Twist of Lemon

10% off Herbal Gin with a Twist of Lemon

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10% of Herbal Gin with a Twist of Lime

40% ABV


The flavours of juniper, coriander and cardamom are bound beautifully together by orris and angelica root. Soon liquorice and all spice are noticed backed up by a sage and thyme combination with delicate chamomile flavour that is kept lingering nicely by eucalyptus.

The Perfect Serve

Mixer Classic: Indian Tonic Water 
Mixer Alternative: Cucumber Tonic 
Garnish: Lemon slice

A well balanced botanical gin with top-notes of lemon. Ideally complimented by classic Indian tonic water for an enjoyable refreshing taste.  The cucumber tonic alternative promotes a “punch-like” quality.


The Sip and Share price is calculated as follows:  we take the discount off the RRP and then add postage on.  This is because the distillers do not make any money, in fact they make a loss when it comes to postage.

Price includes delivery and will be fulfilled by the Distillery. For any issues with delivery or product please contact: https://www.theherbalgin.com

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