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20% Off - Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, Beltane, Calan Mai Edition

20% Off - Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, Beltane, Calan Mai Edition

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20% Off - Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, Beltane, Calan Mai Edition


40% ABV

To celebrate the birthday of the Welsh Witch, we have crafted this gin inspired by all the elements of Beltane. 

The gin will be sweet and floral celebrating summer and flowers, with our signature burst of citrus finishing subtle hint of spice representing the fire in the rituals.

Best served with Fever Tree Lemonade over lots of ice, garnished with summer berries and a cinnamon stick.

Our Welsh Witch gin is distilled using pure welsh water, charged by the Moon, and is left to mature through a full moon cycle.

Welsh Witch gin is a drink suitable for all year round, and ties in beautifully to each element of the gin flavour wheel.

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About the Distiller

The Welsh Witch, born in the deep mystic folklore of North Wales. Possessing a cauldron of poetic inspiration, this Celtic goddess of rebirth and transformation.  Seeking to draw upon her mythical status and use of her magical cauldron, to concoct a potion to grant the gift of wisdom and inspiration.

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